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The New Roommate: Nintendo Switch First Impressions

The Nintendo Switch was finally released on March 3rd. Supply hasn’t been a disaster like the NES Classic Mini Whatever, but it is a new console so it’s still going to take some time to get the system into the hands of everybody who wants one. Because I’m someone who managed/decided to get a Switch on launch day, I will lay out my experiences so far. Behold!

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Bit Brigade Plays the Music You Know Best

When you were younger, what was your favorite type of music? Did you have a cool older sibling who got you started in the right direction or did you get lost in the doldrums of Kidz Bop and the like? No matter what you listened to in your parents cars, if you’re reading this site, chances are the music you heard most as a kid was video game music. That’s where bands like Bit Brigade come in.

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Into the Wild: The Ludonarrative of Breath of the Wild

Written and uploaded by Drew Beyer // Edited by Andrew Busch // Feature image courtesy of “My god, this game is horrible,” my friend Andrew Huber says, returning to Earth after spending twelve straight hours immersed in Breath of the Wild’s gorgeous rendition of Hyrule. He means “horrible” in the sense that once you start playing this newest installment […]

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Eldritch Ennui: Storytelling in Night in the Woods

Written by Drew Beyer // Uploaded and Edited by Andrew Busch Night in the Woods resonates with me in ways I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable yelling into the void that is the internet. Through the story of a feline ne’er-do-well and her loser friends, the trio at Infinite Fall synthesizes humor and horror into something that I find more […]

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Night in the Woods Review: Three Different Perspectives

Written by Joe Ahart, Drew Beyer, and Andrew Busch // Edited and Uploaded by Andrew Busch Three of us spent last week playing through Night in the Woods and writing these reviews separate from one another. We only started to have a conversation about the game once we had written our thoughts so none of these opinions were dependent on someone else’s views. […]

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For Honor: A Thousand Years of War for Nothing?

In preparation for its February 14th release date, Ubisoft launched a final open beta for its title, For Honor, over the weekend to sway some gamers off the fence into lunging to make a purchase. Unlike many of Ubisoft’s recent games focused on modern combat, the concept of For Honor is fairly unique because it is set within an alternative […]