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I Crafted My Own Assassin’s Creed Game

By: Nick Farinola             I, as like most reporters, tend to be honest with my writing. As a massive Assassin’s Creed fan, it’s completely justifiable to claim that the series has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Assassin’s Creed II took players to 15th century Italy that actually felt alive and prospering, while […]

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A Selfish Opinion: What I Want From Halo: Infinite

By: Nick Farinola             Now that E3 happened some two months ago, it’s time to look back on some of the announcements that had a ton of people hyped for the upcoming months of new releases. Anthem, though promising premise, now shares too many aspects with Bungie’s Destiny in both its gameplay and its aesthetic. […]

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We’ve Got the Spice! “Screen Spice” Podcast #1: Guilty Pleasure Games

Join Joe Ahart and Nick Farinola on their podcast where they give spicy news on games, movies, and anything else that fits onto a screen! This episode is all about guilty pleasure games, and why even the worst titles can still be a blast to play. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube through the link below!  

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Why Infliction Might be the P.T. We Never Got

By: Nick Farinola   To say that I have a love-hate relationship with horror games would be an understatement. The horror genre in movies is a completely different story. I’m usually in the theater opening night with front row seats for every horror movie, whether it’d come out of Hollywood or some low-key indie director. I honestly can’t get enough […]

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What if the Flood Found Refuge on Earth?

Written by Nick Farinola // Edited by Joe Ahart Innately, humans are a curious, highly intellectual species. We have an ability that stretches beyond all other species — a unique voice inside of each and every one of our noggins. We can think for ourselves, make assumptions and feel emotions. The power is intoxicating, yet we continue to show a […]