Witten by Joe Ahart // Edited by Andrew Busch // Image courtesy of The Inquisitor

The legendary Elder Scrolls franchise has finally revealed the game that has had fans craving answers for years.  Skyrim 2 has officially been confirmed by Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios, on an exclusive interview that unfortunately we lost in a fire. However, we were able to gain some of the leaked details from the game before it was destroyed. Let me tell you guys; I think Skyrim 2 is going to blow your socks off.

The setting of the game is once again Skyrim, being a direct sequel to the best-selling Skyrim. Your character begins as a prisoner about to, you guessed it, be executed by the Empire. But this time it’s different because instead of decapitation, your character is going to be killed by a giant that is clubbing you and the other Nords into the air like a golf range. Pretty innovative, I say. Seconds before you are executed, however, you are saved by some overwhelming odds. Your father, the Dragonborn, swoops in from the mountain, and defeats the giant and the Imperial Legion, rescuing you in your time of need.

Did I mention your dad’s best friend and faithful sidekick is the ghost of John Marston? If only other game devs could be as creative as Bethesda these days! (Image courtesy of NerdBite)

Here’s the best part; your characters traits are based off of the rendition of your character in the remastered Skyrim edition for the Xbox one, so there is no need for creation! (If you don’t have the Skyrim edition for the Xbox One, you will be assigned a completely random character, to enhance the replay value on gambling on new characters). The tutorial will be a quiet, hunting mission with your Dragon-pa. It will teach you the brand new systems, like the all new VR integrated fishing mechanic or reintroducing old mechanics like Skyrim’s state of the art stealth system.

Dialogue has had a complete overhaul as well. No longer will you be limited to a few options to respond to the many NPC’s in the game. Instead, Skyrim 2 will host a brand new text-to-speech system for completely customized responses! Your character will finally be able to be as sassy or as humble as you please, with complete custom speech providing a brand new experience each play through. The rest of the NPC’s will be voiced by the two famous actors Dee Bradley Baker and Margo Martindale!

Aside from text-to-speech dialogue there are some awesome new weapons that will totally change the way you interact with the world of Skyrim. (Image courtesy of reddit)

The final piece of information leaked is regarding the future of the modding community. The creation engine used by modders will now be available to the public for an extra charge of 39.99 with the initial purchase. To purchase mods, Bethesda has decided to integrate your characters currency into the mix. The gold you make in game will be used to buy in-game items, or outside mods created by the public.

I cannot wait to take on Skyrim once again in the brand-new Skyrim 2. With such innovations in technology, there is certainly no way that this game can disappoint fans of the classic franchise. Skyrim 2 comes out on November 11th, 2021!


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