Written by Dyllan Rodrigues-Miller // Header Image from Hinterland Studios

Five days ago, I finished writing an article that I was sure would remain relevant for quite some time. I was in the midst of the longest dark ever, patiently waiting for the sun to rise and then quickly descend on the Canadian wilderness. My little survivor sandbox heart was at ease knowing that it would be months, possibly another year before the story mode to one of my favorite games was going to be released when… this happened.

Y’all. Y’ALL!! WE HAVE A LAUNCH DATE! In just a few short months, we can all dive head first into the first season of The Long Dark! Granted, August is still months away but it’s a concrete date along with more information than we’ve had. As I said in my previous article, constant communication and updates are one thing but a launch date is another. And by the looks of the trailer, the wait was well worth it.

Here’s to The Long Dark and Hinterland Studios! And to quote the trailer:

Big change is coming… Are you ready to face it?

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