Here are all the games the Game FES staff is playing this weekend (4/8/17). What are you playing? What are your thoughts on these games?


The art style of this game is gorgeous. (Image courtesy of Playstation Universe)

Persona 5. I mean, come on! I’m hoping to sink at least another 10 hours into Atlus’ latest JRPG behemoth. Despite some minor quibbles, the game has been spotless so far and I can’t wait to get deeper into the main story. When I can pull myself away from P5, I’m going to spend some time loafing in Night in the Woods, another game I’ve been waiting a long time for. Oh yeah, and playing Phantasy Star IV on my phone for train rides! Always need to make time for modern and retro RPGs.


(Image courtesy of IGN)

This week, I’m replaying The Witness. After my not so kind open letter, I thought it was only fair to play the game again and give it another shot. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. When I reopened the game and walked back into the courtyard, I found myself looking for as many environmental puzzles as possible and other various things I missed the first go ‘round. In the courtyard, I found a large environmental puzzle that, without going into too much detail, showed me the REAL ending of The Witness. After finding it, I thought about writing a follow-up letter but decided not to because my feelings are the same. Actually, they’re a little bit more pronounced. Your ending still sucks, The Witness! Now it’s just a little bit more pretentious. Y’all need to tell M. Night Shyamalan his ending didn’t work out and write a new one. But despite my resentment, my giddy sense of self accomplishment at solving the puzzles returned in spades. My mixed feelings towards whether or not you’re a good game live to see another day.


His name is Starkiller so he’s definitely pretty edgy. (Image courtesy of Sci-Fi Bloggers)

This week, I took the opportunity to download and play the Force Unleashed, also known as Star Wars Ragdoll Simulator 2008. There are many things about this game which I enjoyed immensely, but there were also many things that made me want to jump into a Sarlaac Pit. One of my favorite mechanics ever was introduced in the Force Unleashed, which is the Force Grip. Nothing was more satisfying that picking up a bunch of Stormtroopers and hurling them into one another. Beyond that, I enjoyed the storyline as well, seeing an alternate side of the events between episodes III and IV, before the Disney takeover. Despite these, however, I found myself struggling to get used to the unpolished gameplay. Many surfaces were made of slip-and-slides, so some environments felt impossible to navigate, even for a Jedi. Also, as much as I liked making other enemies fall down, I myself hated falling down. Enemies don’t let you pick yourself up when they knock you down until the game decides to be merciful. Starkiller doesn’t have Life Alert, so when you fall, don’t expect to get up. Despite the janky flaws, I thought the game was an ambitious and fun game that let me return to the Star Wars universe from a fresh perspective.


Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve been shot in the ass. (Image courtesy of Playerunkown)

This week I have been amused, annoyed, and addicted to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It didn’t take long for me to realized that I am utterly awful at the game. I mean it might as well be Andrew Gets Shot in the Ass Simulator because that is pretty much how every round ends for me. Here is a linear progression of each of my matches: I fully stock up on the best gear in the game. I hide and sneak through buildings with extreme vigilance. I run across a field to catch up with the laser barrier because I suddenly realize I am way too far away from the designated play area. And presto! I end up with six rounds right in my posterior from some forest nymph that materializes from the shade of a nearby tree. At least I am keeping some awesome gear warm for the better players. These level 3 backpacks and police vests don’t warm up themselves you know.


I always appreciate a game with pretty colors. (Image courtesy of Snake Pass)

I’ve learned two things this week. First, I’m very bad at being a snake, and second, I’m getting a little burnt out on all this epic games. I’ve been playing most Mass Effect: Andromeda while staring longingly at my deluxe edition of Persona 5, though I did find time to complete Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass in between colonizing planets. I’m not quite done with Andromeda, but I enjoy it so far. The combat is fast and flexible, though the cast doesn’t hold a candle to the original trilogy. That’s not to say I dislike the Andromeda cast, because I actually quite like them, but it’s more a reminder of just how outstanding the original Mass Effect trilogy was. I hope BioWare continues to expand this section of their universe and dig deeper into these people in the inevitable sequel! Also, be on the lookout for my the full Snake Pass review soon, because it’s quite the inventive little game and I think more people ought to experience the trials and tribulations of a life without legs. It also scratched my bright colorful platformer itch right as the Yooka-Laylee hype train achieved terminal velocity. Here’s to hoping Playtonic doesn’t demand another hundred hours of my life, like Guerrilla, Nintendo, BioWare, and now Atlas.

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